Preservation Power! Ways to Get Involved Part II!

Fireman's Insurance Co Bldg by Elle Moore

Fireman’s Insurance Co. Bldg, DC, 1882. Style: Queen Anne

Just because Preservation Month has ended doesn’t mean that you still can’t be involved in preservation and incorporating it into your day to day!

Visit a historic site or house museum
Sometimes a historic site or house museum is something you see everyday and think “I should check it out.” Do it! I personally love the markers on the sides of roads: “The Ridgeley Rosenwald School? OK!” “The Pope-Leighey House? Why not?” Go on…you won’t regret it.

If You Can Give, Please Do
Historic sites are often struggling to stay afloat. When you visit, please donate or buy something from the gift shop (I love things like postcards and magnets, but you can find great unique gifts). Even a little something helps towards bigger things.

Share Your Memories
I love the suggestion of showing the kids in your life the places that have mattered in your life or that of your family such as where someone got married, where you or family members went to school, or favorite buildings. For me, my great-aunt was a history lover and instilled it in me through her own enthusiasm. Kids pay more attention than you think, especially if they’re hyped about it too! Places do have meaning. Share the ones that are special and have meaning to you.

Make Your Voice Heard
Every community has a preservation issue that affects it. Let the powers that be know how you feel by contacting them, signing a petition, or getting involved with your local preservation organization’s advocacy efforts. You can also check out the National Trust’s current actions too.

You can also visit the National Trust for Historic Preservation for other ideas about how you can help get involved in preservation! Do you have other ideas? Let me know!

(Ways to Get Involved Part 1!)

(Read the HABS  form for the Fireman’s Insurance Company Building in Washington, DC here)

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