Having Vision & “You Live in What?”


I will admit it…I love HGTV. Just…plain…love it. (Well, everything except “Love It or List It” actually.) I had been wondering why there were no shows regarding preservation on the channel given that it’s all about homes and rehab, but actually there is!

They have a great show called “You Live in What?” which is all about…preservation! So many of the homes featured are historic and are also of value to their local communities. Grist mills, bridges, former garages, stores, banks, you name it…all restored by owners who had the vision to see what these buildings could become for them: Home.

So many times, I think that there are other folks out there like these homeowners who find a historic place and fall in love with it. They might not even realize that they are preservationists, but that is exactly what they are. It takes vision to look at a deteriorated structure and think “This could be great again. I want to make this place my home.” Vision is all about seeing what isn’t there yet and making it reality. Preservation is no different.

My only criticism is that I find myself wanting to know how much these restorations ran and that the site doesn’t have more follow-up info. Other than that, trust me, this show is filled with “Wow!” Check it out when you can.

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