Thanks for the Experience!

L on DHouse main staircase
I had a wonderful time working at Decatur House and the White House Historical Association for the past two years. I was on contract as a researcher and the topics that I did were fascinating: Decatur House’s Slave Quarters, its kitchen for a HABS documentation project, the Madisons’ 1814 flight from D.C. during the War of 1812, anything White House-related, Susan and Stephen Decatur themselves, and the household and actions of former Decatur House owner John Gadsby. I will miss the big history discussions with my colleagues Alexandra (William “I will do what I want” Gadsby) and Joel (cherry bounce) and the way the floors creak as you walk through the House. The contacts I’ve made and my participation in the Internal Diversity Work Group at the National Trust have been invaluable and the experiences such as the White House reception and Sequoia ride were unforgettable. Bill, thank you so much for this great opportunity. I won’t forget it.

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