Working On a New Generation…

2014-11-13 11.06.29
Sorry I am behind on my posts! You’ll see me playing catch up for a moment because I have been busy baking a new preservationist! I’m in the last week of my pregnancy now and hopefully he’ll enjoy going to historic places and hearing their stories in the future as much as I do! He’ll definitely be taken to them, that’s for certain!

And there’s a story behind my “Preservationists Keep It Up Longer” T-shirt that I’m wearing. I was walking though Oglethorpe Square in Savannah and I heard a voice call out to me: “Hey! She’s wearing our shirt!! I have to take a photo of you!” Turns out that it was a staff member from the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans. The shirt is a re-print of a 1976 design for a PRCNO fundraiser and considered one of the first T-shirts about preservation! I have their “History You Can Live In” shirt too.

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