At Year’s End

As this year comes to a close, I will catch you up on a few things. First, my thesis is off to the bindery! I am so excited to be done with graduate school and to have achieved my Master’s in historic preservation! The subject matter is close to my heart and I will have posts in the future going more in depth about my findings and recommendations and the interviews I conducted. Please contact me if you are interested in the abstract or a copy.


Aerial view of the African Burial Ground National Monument in Manhattan (photo: NPS)

Second, I am still active as a member of the DC Preservation League (DCPL) Landmarks Committee. It is always interesting hearing what is going on preservation-wise in the city and being able to help in terms of nominations and recommendations. At last night’s meeting, we had a great discussion with DC SHPO David Maloney about current projects, priorities, the state of preservation in DC, and how we could help. Very informative.


Rowhouses in DC

Last, but certainly not least, my husband’s double lung transplant was successful! He is back home recuperating with us and getting stronger by the day! If you haven’t, become an organ donor. We are so thankful for this second chance to have more time as a family thanks to their gift.2016-11-07-21-37-24-1

Look out for upcoming posts and here’s to a happy holiday season!

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