Project Old is Gold: EXPLORE “What is Historic Preservation?”

Somewhere Kate is like “Elle! Get going on Project Old is Gold and do your guide!” The first module of the Historic Preservation Patch Junior Guide is all about exploring and learning about what preservation is. For Step 1, they asked me what I know and to express what I think preservation means to me however I liked, so I went with a picture:

To me, historic preservation is about the historic places that have meaning to us, like my grandparent’s beach cottage in the historic African American town of Eagle Harbor, Maryland. It is about telling the full history–stories that might not be known–like Henry “Box” Brown‘s. That is a marker I saw near his birthplace in Louisa County, Virginia. It’s also about working together to save places and communities together!

What does preservation mean to you?

GIRL SCOUTS: Step 1 must be completed in order for you to earn your patch!

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