Project Old is Gold: CONNECT

This section talks about documentation, which includes measuring, mapping and discovering more about a site. Here’s a pic of when I was documenting my family’s cemetery in rural Virginia. You can see the 100 ft tape measure we were using at my feet.

The next step is about maps. One of my favorite neighborhoods is the one where I work in Greenbelt, Maryland. I thought I’d map it out for you…

The next step is about discovering what kind of history a historic site or museum are experts in. I work at the Greenbelt Museum, which is a 1937 house museum. We’re experts in the following: planned communities, all things 1930s, the New Deal, art deco architecture, and Greenbelt history (to name a few!)

Think about what’s in your neighborhood and how you’d document it. What do you think you will find?

You can also follow along with Kate as we work our way towards earning our historic preservation badge!

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