2013-01-04 15.44.51 THESIS, Master of Arts in Historic Preservation (Goucher College), 2016
Ethnic Minority Heritage Values and U.S. Historic Preservation Significance Policy
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“A New Age: The Next Generation of Preservationists and Preservation Policy,” (white paper), 2014
“Going for a Free Ride: Free Riders and Preservation as a Collective Public Good,” (white paper), 2014
“Preservation Plan for the Town of Fairmount Heights, Maryland,” Spring 2014, Goucher College
“Documentation Report: Vermont Ave. Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.,” 2013
“Structural Preservation and Conservation: Golden Gate Bridge,” Fall 2013, Goucher College
“Condition Assessment Report: Capitol Hill Row House,” Fall 2013, Goucher College
“Petworth is Booming: From Streetcar Suburb to City Neighborhood,” Spring 2013, Goucher College
“Langley Park (McCormick-Goodhart Mansion),” Fall 2012, Goucher College
“‘Hysterical Perversionists’: Ethnic and Class Perceptions of Historical Preservation,” Fall 2012, Goucher College

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