Project Old is Gold: MY STORY 1 & 2

I moved on to the next section of the Junior preservation patch guide. “My Story” is about personal connections to preservation. The guide asked me to draw my family tree, so here you go. They’re based upon either my favorite age memory or photo for them.

I was also asked to think about what traits I got from them and what family means to me: traditions, stories, support, heritage, history. I also listed the types of heirlooms I’d like to preserve.

Things like my carpenter great-grandfather’s nail used to build a church in their town. Or my great-grandmother’s quilt top or my grandmother’s photos. And definitely my family’s land in rural VA. I know I get my love of history and genealogy from my family.

You can also follow Kate as she earns her badge too! #projectoldisgold #family #badge #girlscouts

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